Guvi App Download 2024 | Know all the Information

Guvi App is one of the most popular online training apps in India. With this app, we can study various online courses from home. As of now, Guvi is providing the most quality online courses in India at a very affordable price. And we are going to see various interesting information about this app very clearly in this article.

Guvi App 2024

Guvi App

To put it very briefly, Guvi offers coding courses to its users at very low prices.  Specifically, this app offers various coding courses like OPPs, C programming, C++ Programming, Java, Javascript, Python, HTML, and Android App Downloading at a very low cost from the comfort of our home. Apart from that, we can study these courses in our mother tongue.

Apart from that, if we have any doubts while we are studying any course on the Guvi App, we have the best-experienced experts to solve them immediately. You can directly ask them your doubts and get clarification.

How to Download the Guvi App

Below are the details of how to download the Guvi App

  1. First, open the Google Play Store
  2. Then confirm the app
  3. Search for Guvi in it
  4. Then click on the green-colored Install button
  5. In a few seconds, the app will be successfully installed on the phone

Coding courses that can be sold on the Guvi App

Below is the list of coding courses available for sale on Guvi

  • Machine learning
  • AWS
  • Game developing
  • C Programming
  • C++ Programming
  • Python
  • Android app developing
  • Java
  • Java script
  • HTML
  • JDBC
  • Selenium
  • Web developing

It is important to note that all these coding courses sold on the Guvi App can be learned in their mother tongue. Especially in languages ​​like English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu you can read these code lyrics. And the cost of these courses is so low that all people can afford it.

How to Buy a Coding Course on Guvi App

After successful installation and registration of the app, select your desired course.  Then pay for that course online. After successfully paying, the course will appear in the My Courses list in the Guvi Application. Then open the app and click on the My Courses option to start studying your course.

How to Register on the Guvi App

You can register very accurately with the Guvi App. Mobile number and email ID are enough for you to register. You can register by opening the installed app entering your mobile number and email ID and doing OTP verification.

Importance of coding course

Now the whole world is growing towards very new technology.  In that sense, India has grown tremendously in the last five years. In particular, artificial intelligence systems have grown in India on a large scale. In particular, the reality is that students have not come forward to study coding courses so far. So employment in coding courses will be huge in the coming times.

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