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In this article, we are going to see the details of how to recover deleted photos and videos from our mobile using the Dumpster App in a very accurate and simple way and free. Although there are various ways to recover any photos and/or videos that we may have unknowingly deleted from the mobile we use, this Dumpster Photos and Videos Recovery App will be very useful for you. You can download this app completely free from the Google Play Store. Apart from that, the users who are using this app have given this app a good review on Google Play Store. Various information about this app can be seen in this article.

Dumpster App

Dumpster App

More than five crore people have downloaded and used this Dumpster App from Google Play Store to date. Especially we can say that the design of this app is the main reason for its high usage. This means that the design of this app is very simple to be used by all users.  The special feature of this app is that even if you deleted a photo a year ago, you can recover it now through this process. For example, even if you mistakenly delete your birthday photo, wedding photo, boyfriend-girlfriend photo, or any other documents on your phone, you can recover them within a minute with this app.

It is a fact that a photograph can remind us of the most important events in life. So even if we mistakenly delete such a photo from our mobile permanently, we can recover it in a very easy way through this Dumpster Photos and Videos Recovery Application. And it is worth noting that you can use this app completely 100% free.

How to Download the Dumpster App

Below we have explained clearly how to download the Dumpster App from the Google Play Store.

  1. First, open the Google Play Store
  2. Next search Dumpster
  3. Now confirm the app name and basic details
  4. Next, click on the green Install button
  5. Now the app will be successfully installed on the phone in a few seconds

How to Use the Dumpster App

Below we have provided details on how to recover deleted photos using the Dumpster App.

  • Open the installed Dumpster App
  • Please allow the necessary permission
  • Next, click on the Deep Scan option
  • Now your deleted photos and videos will start recovering
  • Next, click on the photo or audio you want to recover
  • Now click on the Restore option below
  • Now the photos or videos you wanted to restore will be successfully restored

Special features of this Dumpster App

You can recover photos and videos that you accidentally deleted several days, months, or years ago with great accuracy and completely free of charge with this Dumpster App.  The great thing is that this app is 100 percent safe and not only that, everyone likes to download it from the Google Play Store. Although there are countless photo and video restore applications on the web, this app is the best in comparison. The reason is that this app is completely free to the users and also its design is very good.

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