TN Velaivaaippu Renewal |

TN Velaivaaippu Renewal |

Doing TN Velaivaaippu Renewal is a very essential requirement. Educated youth are being offered employment based on their educational qualifications by registering on the Tamil Nadu Employment website. Renewal is mandatory for registrants every two years. Your seniority will be completely lost if you do not renew. Renewal is a completely simple task and we can finish it at home. And we have given you the details about it in the article.  Friends read the article in its entirety.

TN Velaivaaippu Poral

It is mandatory for all educated youth in Tamil Nadu to register for the Tamil Nadu Employment Portal. Registration is online so you can do it yourself in a very simple way. In which they can register according to their educational qualification. Here you can register their school and college qualification details such as Experience and Driving. Your seniority will be calculated from the date you register.  It is a good idea to enroll in this category as soon as you complete your education. If there is a need to fill vacancies in any field related to the Government of Tamil Nadu, those who have registered with the Tamil Nadu Employment Portal will be selected.

TN Velaivaaippu Login

Logging in to the TN Velaivaaipput website is now much easier. By logging in, you can add and renew your new educational qualification. Below are the details of the login as such.

  • Go to the Official Website.
  • Enter your user ID.
  • Enter your password.
  • Click on the Right Side Arrow Mark Option.
TN Velaivaaippu login

Friends can log in using their login ID and password by following the step above.

TN Velaivaaippu Renewal

How to Renewal TN Velaivaaippu?

  1. Go to the

  2. Enter the user ID and password.

  3. Click on the aero mark option on the right.

  4. Click the Update Profile option.

  5. In this, select the Renewal option.

  6. Now select the Candidate Renewal option.

  7. Currently, the Registration Details are Below.

  8. Click on the Renew option below.

    TN Velaivaaippu Renewal

About the TN Velaivaaippu Poral

Name TN Velaivaaippu Poral
PurposeEmployment Registration
DeveloperTamilnadu Govt
Is this the GovernmentYes
Will I get a job if I register?Maybe
Official WebsiteClick here
What is TN Velaivaippu?

It is a portal created by the Government of Tamil Nadu to create employment opportunities for educated youth in Tamil Nadu. By registering in this job placement will be given in the relevant departments of the Government of Tamil Nadu according to their educational qualification.

Can I get a job by registering on the Employment Portal?

I can’t say for sure. But with this, they are still selecting people. A few government departments choose from those who have registered on the employment portal.

How Many years do you have to Renew your Employment?

Employment must be renewed online every two years.

TN Velaivaippu Contact number

044-22500900 or 044-22500911

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