Tango Live Video Call App | Meet new Boys and Girls friends daily

tango video call app-Every day new social media comes with a special future.  Tango is a new trending social media app that has a wide range of features.  Great place to go for tango live and video chat!  Join now to meet new friends, showcase your talents, and support artists!  Tango Performing Live Video Streaming is an exciting new social media platform for content creators to earn money by turning their live streams and broadcasts into a business.

tango video call app
Tango Live Video Call App

About the Tango Video Call App

App NameTango
Size90 MB
About the Tango App

How tango Video Call App works

Tango is used by more than ten crore people all over the world. You can make them your friends by streaming live. Plus you can develop your friendship by sharing photos, videos, and music with them through a private chat.

What is a Tango Video Call App ?

This allows you to video chat with new male and female friends around the world for free 24 hours a day. Depending on your skills this way you can find good male and female friends and keep them as your mutual friend. This Tango App not only reduces your entertainment but also reduces your stress. Show off your skills in a video music performance or vlog content in a new way.

How to recharge tango app

Your profile will become more powerful if you keep live-streaming daily on the Tango App. Your Tango App profile is very Reach if you show your talent live without any hesitation without streaming it live for entertainment.

How to download tango app

 Install this Tango app by following the steps below

  • Open Play store App
  • In Search column type “Tango App”
  • Find correct logo given below
  • Click to install Tango App

How to use Tango App get monetized

 With this Tango App, you can earn money by live streaming your unique talent i.e. song dance, and music like this. monetization is the main reason why people like this Tango App in general. This way you can make good money while spending your leisure time.

At Tango, you can collaborate with your friends or other tango streamers to create a cool live stream experience for your audience!  Tango’s DUAL broadcast feature provides tools to collaborate with other video content creators and earn more from every gift your audience sends you!

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