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Tracking someone’s mobile is now much easier. Yes, friends can now easily track someone’s mobile without any coding knowledge. This is purely information available through Google Search. So everyone can use this without any fear. This article is for educational purposes only. We have also given the details of tracking the mobile number in the article. Friends, read the full article.

Mobile Number Tracking

Tracking mobile is now so much easier that we are going to do this using two different tools available on Google. This is a completely legal method. We need to follow these steps to prevent others from tracking our mobile phones.

Benefits of Mobile Number Tracking

Technology is evolving in the present era. It is essential that we learn a few actions like this in order for us to sustain the technology. You have to think of it as a gift of education altogether. When someone thinks of tracking our mobile like this we can prevent it with this.

How to Track Mobile Phone

The details to track the mobile number are listed below and clearly given. So read that description in full.

  • First you copy an image from Google
  • Go to the Next IP Logger website
  • Now paste this and do a search
  • Now click on the Location Tracker option
  • Copy the first link and send it to a friend on WhatsApp
  • His location will be displayed when he clicks on that link
  • We now have his IP address available on the Amazon website
  • Now go to the IP2Location website
  • Click the Try to Demo option
  • Now paste that IP address and do a search
  • Now you can clearly see all of his mobile location

About the Mobile Number Tracking

1st Website NameIP Logger
2ed Website NameIP2Location
Available in GoogleYes
1st Website LinkIP LOGGER
2ed Website LinkIP2Location

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